Agoria means progress through technology. We are paving the way for all technology-inspired companies in Belgium pursuing progress internationally through the development or application of innovations and which, together, represent some 300,000 employees. We are proud that more than 1,800 member companies trust in the three pillars of our services: consulting, business development and the creation of an optimal business environment.


Give your company a boost with Agoria

  • Advice to entrepreneurs
    • Leading experts answer your questions on, among other topics, talent and the labour market, innovation, energy, the environment, socio-legal issues, well-being at work, taxation, the economic development of sectors and markets, regulations and standardization.
  • Business development
    • Our Market teams help you promote your offering on the market, identify market opportunities for your products or services, and forge sustainable partnerships in Belgium and abroad. We are currently focusing on the following markets: Building & Urban Development, Energy, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Transport & Mobility, Machine Construction / Production Systems, and Sports & Entertainment Events.
  • Creating the ideal business climate
  • Member & Employee benefits
    • Through its membership, your company and its employees obtain many exclusive discounts and other benefits.

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Xenia Horeca Services is a cooperative company whose mission is to provide an online service platform run by and for those working in the hospitality sector.
It was founded by 6 entrepreneurs from Limburg: Filip Vanheusden from Het Borrelhuis, De Kwizien and Thor Catering, Dirk Daniëls from the Beurs in Maaseik, Frank Van Orshoven from the Orshofdistrict, the Aromazz group and Paul Bevers from Event Catering Bevers in the Kempen.


“Meten is weten”.

Kennis en data samenbrengen, krachten bundelen en samen beter inkopen zullen op termijn er toe leiden dat iedere aangesloten horecaondernemer kan genieten van grotere voordelen op het vlak van aankoop, personeelsadministratie en overige horecafaciliteiten.


Xenia Horeca Services aims to RELIEVE and respond to the needs of the hospitality sector based on the following objectives:

  • To optimise the profitability and efficiency of all those working in the hospitality sector in Flanders.
  • To facilitate services with a positive impact on the operation of a hospitality business.
  • To save time and money.


Een hogere omzet met minder kosten levert een betere marge op!

Xenia Horeca Services helpt u mee kosten en tijd te besparen op het vlak van aankoop EN personeelsadministratie. Als bijkomende diensten zullen wij in de toekomst een crowdfunding platform opzetten en een grote adviesrol gaan spelen in de horecasector.

Members of Xenia Horeca Services receive an important advantage when purchasing their energy through E-Luminati.