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On 25 May our partner, Dirk Meire, spoke at the Flux 50 Congress about energy transition. Click here to read the report he presented that day.


On 5 June, our partner Philippe Delaisse talked at the SME network of Agoria in Liege.
A simple concept: a company opens its doors. The subjects broached are tailored to SMEs. There is then a visit to the company. The day is topped off with some networking and a nice drink and some nibbles. In doing so Agoria gives SMEs the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences. Missed it? This concept will be repeated on 26 June. Mr Alain Devos from Full Metal Services will open his doors on this particular occasion. You can register by sending an e-mail


Buying gas

Buying gas used to be simple: large customers had only one supplier (Distrigas), all customers bought from inter-municipal utility companies. Despite the monopoly held by both players, there was a certain element of free market operation: customers were able to choose their procedures and even swap between gas, coal, domestic fuel and electricity.

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What is trust? The basis of all collaboration.

Trust is the basis of all collaboration, every relationship, each efficient team. So we were wondering, whether we could capture the definition of trust using a formula. We would like to share with you the three definitions/formulas that we found most memorable. After all, by boosting trust altogether, we will really be able to take partnerships to a higher level.

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Transparency is key

Transparency is one of our four key values, besides reliability, efficiency and competence. And this has been a very conscious choice. Because we consider transparency the core of our vision, which is ‘the efficient liberalisation of the market’, the core of our mission is ‘offering each business the fastest way to the best energy rate’ and of our other three values.

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