Most energy suppliers, together accounting for nearly 90% of the market, indicated that they will submit quotes. Here is a selection from this offer.
As soon as you enter the digital marketplace, you can consult the entire list of energy suppliers.



Antargaz is a no-nonsense energy provider promoting simplicity and transparency:

  • A clear contract, written in understandable language.
  • A correct, low price.
  • A transparent invoice.
  • A team that is happy to help you quickly.


Belgian Eco Energy (“BEE”) is a Belgian supplier of sustainable energy to authorities and companies. This energy is partially sourced from its own production or from a network of locally-produced energy.
BEE also aims to help its customers in generating their own sustainable energy, using a unique participation model. With this approach, BEE positions itself as an alternative to the large energy providers.



Eoly is the energy specialist at the Colruyt Group. We produce and supply energy that is 100 % green. We generate our own energy using wind turbines, solar panels and cogeneration. We also buy 100 % green energy on the wholesale market. As a business supplier we wish to differentiate ourselves with our simple product offer, transparent communication and trusted partnership. Our ambition: to increase sustainability in the provision of energy and reduce the costs.
Eoly aims to achieve a sustainable relationship with people living close to our wind turbines. That is why Eoly offers them the opportunity to co-invest in projects via Eoly Cooperation. Participants potentially receive an annual dividend and help in realising the creation of sustainable energy.

Example invoices:



Gas Natural Europe is a part of Gas Natural Fenosa, a large player in natural gas in Europe and Latin America.
Gas Natural Europe has been operating on the Belgian gas market since 2011 and is offering cheap rates and a premium service as a newcomer on the Belgian market. For 2017 we have developed a portfolio featuring 7,416 GWh with some of the largest players on the market.

Gas Natural Fenosa employs more than 18,000 people in 27 countries across the globe.
They are focused on providing the best service to over 21 million customers. Naturally, for the lowest rates and with attractive terms.

After all, it is particularly good when energy prices rise to ensure that you are smart in buying your gas.

Guarantees from Gas Natural Fenosa

  • Certainty and flexibility
    We operate in 30 countries and supply over 21 million customers. Even so, we can still give you the personal service you deserve. With us every customer is given their own account manager.
  • Transparent costs and low prices
    – With us you always know what you are paying for. Our rates are guaranteed to be low, thanks to our global purchasing power and central distribution.
  • Better terms
    Terms are only good if they suit your needs. That’s why we’ll give you a tailored proposal to suit your own particular wishes and consumption. Flexibility is one of our strengths, thanks to the way we work in a small team supported by a large organisation.
  • Transfers
    If you are switching over to Gas Natural Europe, then we will ensure a smooth transition. Using an extensive inspection protocol and good logistics we can guarantee you an excellent service from the very beginning.
  • Service
    We provide the following services free of charge: market information, product information, market watch, consultancy services, measuring services, short lines of communication, own account manager.


Total Gas & Power is an energy provider belonging to the Total Group.
We supply to professional customers, companies and industries in England, France, Spain, Germany and, since 2013, also Belgium and the Netherlands.

In late 2016 the Total Group reinforced its position on the Belgian market with its takeover of the energy provider Lampiris. This led to a wide range of products and services for our customers, more competitive rates and improved customer service, as well as the fact that TOTAL Gas & Power supplies 100% green energy to all professional customers.

Additional remarks:

  • Competitive rates for your energy
    We control the production and distribution of gas and electricity from A right through to Z. In this way Total Gas & Power is able to secure the best prices for you. We offer you fixed and variable formulas, to suit your purchasing strategy.
  • Fast and efficient service
    Availability, speed and efficiency are the foundations for customer satisfaction at Total Gas & Power. Such priorities also mean clear, accurate and transparent invoices.
  • Our expertise to your advantage
    Regardless of whether you are self-employed, an SME or a large company, our experts will help you select the package for ‘natural gas’ and ‘electricity’ that best suits your own particular needs. Using their expert advice you can also improve your return.
  • 100% green energy
    Our ambitious sustainable strategy is demonstration of the fact that it is perfectly possible to create harmony between economy and ecology. Total Gas & Power is committed to providing 100% green energy at all times.

Example invoices:

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Looking to have total control over your business energy budget? With Powerhouse you can buy and sell directly on the energy market, which means you always get the best price and enjoy full transparency. Running a successful business means planning ahead and responding effectively to new developments. The Powerhouse Energy Platform provides 24/7 real-time insights into developments in the energy market and your own energy consumption. You can then choose the best time to purchase your energy, based on your individual production process and energy requirements.

  • Buying and selling business energy with just one click
  • Transparent and real-time insights into the energy market
  • Fixed or flexible, your purchase is under your full control
  • Insight whenever and wherever you need it, through our unique Powerhouse Energy Platform
  • Support from energy experts