E-Luminati can guarantee the best rate because on the one hand it targets your request for quotation at all energy suppliers taking full advantage of competitive forces, and on the other hand it tries to keep transaction costs for both you and your energy supplier to a minimum. We do this by designing the platform in such a way that you can buy your energy plan in three times five minutes.

If an energy supplier still offers a lower price, then there is a likelihood of other special conditions being used, or even a supplier sells at a loss in relation to current market prices. So ask whether it is the same conditions and if this is not the case, what the differences are. If the terms are identical, and the supplier offers a lower price: do not hesitate to enter into his proposal.

A variable price provides an average long term for the lowest price. Equal to the choice between variable and fixed interest rates. Short-term market analysis shows that there are 7 fat and one skinny year (for the past period this is 2011). So drawing for 3 years gives you a profit each time (either three fat years, or two fat years that compensate for the lean year). Additionally, a variable price offers you all the flexibility to volume and number of connectors. Finally, a variable price is forward-looking. For example, think about smart meters or demand control.

Demand side management is the steering of your consumption often according to the price of electricity. For example, you will consume less electricity at times when electricity is more expensive and consume more when electricity is cheaper. This, of course, assumes that you are able to steer your consumption, for example by delaying or just slowing down a process, cooling less deeply or cooling even deeper, …

If the rate of the lowest bid you’ve received is higher than what you are currently paying, this may have a logical explanation. It’s important to compare like with like. When it comes to fixed rates, it is for instance useful to check if the market, your volume and your off-take profile haven’t changed. Sound too complicated? Send us all your information to info@e-luminati.com (your received quotes, your last annual invoice or final settlement). We’ll work it out for you.

The price for your certificates is fixed and in line with the market. This makes it easier for the energy supplier to offer. It’s easier for you to compare quotes and make a choice. Whether it reduces the transaction cost both on your side and on the side of the energy provider.

The cost of grid losses is included in your electricity rate.

Your transport costs are included in your natural gas rate.

FEE E-Luminati

E-Luminati isn’t free, because there is no such thing as a free lunch. The fee depends on and increments with your usage. The formulae start with a basic fee (150 € per request for quotation) + surcharge depending on your volume. So for a small request for quotation, our fee is 150 €, while for a very large request it may run to over 1.000’s €.

All fees mentioned on the website are exclusive of VAT.

Based on data from a few sector federations and the report of the CREG, we have calculated the payback period for our fee. This came to three months on average. A small business would recoup it in only 1.5 months. If you are also a member of one of our partners, you will receive a nice discount. So do take a look at our partner page.

By purchasing your energy via E-Luminati, you save a very significant transaction cost. Think about the time you spend on phone with potential energy providers, visits,  writing your request for quotation, comparing quotes, …

E-Luminati prefers charging you its fee rather than the energy supplier hitting you with a hidden fee. This allows for a completely neutral approach. So we can guarantee the best rate.

The fee will pay you when you wish to launch your quotations.

The fee will be paid by credit card. Other payment methods are not possible.

Functioning of digital marketplace - buyer

If you do not have a VAT number, please enter your company registration number.

The prices offered by the energy supplier are effectively energy prices. In the case of electricity, including grid losses; in the case of natural gas including transport costs. All other parameters that have a direct or indirect impact on your price were set in the standard specific conditions, the E-Luminati conditions. Think of the level of certificate prices, payment terms, etc.

There are several situations in which the automatic upload is handy:

1) You have more than 10 EAN codes distributed over one or more VAT numbers.

2) One or several of your EAN codes are AMRs.


After filling in the template for automatic upload, you can upload the template to the tool using the ‘Import’ button. This template will be attached to your quotation request as additional information for your energy provider. Be sure to also check the total volumes (day/night), because you will have to enter these totals when indicating your chosen tariff.

This is a unique code which is created by the tool every time you create a quotation request. This code indicates whether you have submitted a quotation request for electricity or gas, and the time and date on which you created the quotation request.

Your daytime consumption is your consumption during the day (sometimes referred to as peak hours) or consumption from 7 or 8 a.m. to 8 or 9 p.m. (this depends on your network operator). If you make a price request for multiple connection points, add up the consumption, and enter this total consumption in the tool. You can find this information on your invoice. If you do not immediately find what you are looking for, on the information page of your current energy provider this information will be published soon. There, you will find an example invoice.

Your night-time consumption is your consumption during the night (sometimes referred to as off-peak hours) or consumption from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. or from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. (this depends on your network operator). If you make a price request for multiple connection points, add up the consumption, and enter this total consumption in the tool. You can find this information on your invoice. If you do not immediately find what you are looking for, on the information page of your current energy provider this information will be published soon. There, you will find an example invoice.

Your weekend consumption is your consumption during the weekend. This consumption is charged at the night-time rate. Is this consumption stated separately in your invoice? Then add it to your night-time consumption to calculate your total consumption at the night-time rate.

You can indeed choose between either a fixed or a variable price.
A variable price is the best option for 99% of all buyers or companies, regardless of whether you own a restaurant or run an IT business. Choosing a variable price will result in the lowest price, the largest number of offers, and the simplest quotation request. In addition, you can easily consume more or less, and use more or fewer connection points, without having to pay penalties. In other words: a variable price ensures flexibility, which offers you, as an entrepreneur with a variable consumption or number of establishments, an important advantage, as such variations entail no penalties.
On the other hand, a fixed price is a good choice for all entrepreneurs for whom the lowest budget risk is important, or who have financial shareholders. You should bear in mind that opting for a fixed price means a slightly higher price, fewer offers, and less flexibility in case of variable consumption or a variable number of establishments.

Your customer reference number is a number that you can choose yourself. This number is not obligatory, but it can be handy if you want to use our marketplace again in future, or if you want to establish a clear link between your accounting system and your quotation request, for instance through purchase order numbers.

That is right, you can choose between green and grey electricity. Green electricity is entirely generated from sustainable sources.

Depending on your consumption and meter type, your energy provider will want to request additional information from your network operator. This will allow the energy provider to optimally adjust its offer. It can only request this information with your authorisation.

In any case, the deadline of your quotation request will be 10 days ahead. This is the time the energy provider needs to draw up its offer. Be careful not to choose a Friday, because your offer will only be valid for a limited period, so Friday is not the best day. Instead, choose a Monday or Tuesday and plan this into your schedule.

Your offer is only valid for a limited period because a longer validity period would mean a higher price, and we want to offer you the lowest possible price. Therefore it is important that you make sure the deadline is not on a Friday, and that you plan this into your schedule so you can immediately review the offers as soon as you receive them.
Your offers for a fixed price are valid for 3 days. Your offers for a variable price are valid for 14 days for electricity and for 7 days for gas.We realize that the deadline for a fixed price is limited, but no worries: the variable price is by far the best choice for 99% of all buyers.

You pay per quotation request, and each time you pay a fixed cost per quotation request and a variable cost depending on your volume. If you forget a VAT number or an EAN code, you will need to launch a new quotation request and pay the fixed cost again. So it is better to include everything the first time.

E-Luminati has entered into a partnership with a number of sector federations. Members of these sector federations are entitled to a discount. So have a look on the partner page to check whether a partnership has been entered into with your federation. If this is the case, contact your federation to find out the amount of your discount and obtain your coupon.

If you opt for a variable price, we recommend a 3-year contract. You can of course opt for a 5-year contract duration. If you opt for a fixed price, we recommend a maximum contract duration of 2 years. You can also opt for a longer period, but then you run the risk of paying too much.

To determine the start date, we recommend you check the end date of your current contract and the conditions for termination. If you do not have a contract, it is best to call the customer service of your current energy supplier. This way, you can make sure that you sign with a new energy provider in time, and that you do not have to pay a penalty for early termination of your current contract.

In the tool you can only enter one start date. If you opt for a variable price, you can indicate the connection points with the earliest start date. Later, you can ask the energy provider with whom you have signed the contract whether you can add the other connection points to the contract. If these are low consumption points, the energy provider will not object to this. If they are high consumption points, your energy provider may ask you to launch a new quotation request and/or modify its conditions. Or a variable price offers a lot of flexibility. At a fixed price, your energy supplier will always be careful.

1000 kWh equals 1MWh, so you must divide by 1,000 to convert from kWh to MWh and multiply by
Example: an average family uses 3.500 kWh or 3.5 MWh of electricity. A SME consumes 100.000 kWh of gas, this is 100 MWh (or 0.1 GWh).

All energy providers check credit ratings. In case of an insufficient credit rating, some providers may not want to submit an offer or may quote higher prices, while others will require guarantees and ask to discuss these via the chat function. In the latter case – pay attention to the ranking of the tool from low to high price, because this ranking does not take into account additional conditions that your energy supplier wishes to apply in case of creditworthiness.

Anyone who has a VAT number can participate. What happens beyond the meter is the business of the business manager (and his accountant).


Choosing E-Luminati is choosing a real saving, shopping for energy the fastest way with a standard contract and no surprises along the way.

E-Luminati is the result of four passionate and enlightened minds with together 100 years of experience in energy and / or purchase – open to innovation. With a clear mission: the effective libearlisation of the energy market. That’s why they built a digital marketplace, bringing the buyer and the energy supplier together and ultimately providing the fastest way to the best energy rate.

Often we get the question of experts whether there is not already long time a solution like E-Luminati. Our answer is always identical: no, there is no digital platform for purchasing energy. We are unique in Belgium and abroad.

Currently, E-Luminati has no competitors in Belgium, and to our knowledge not in neighbouring countries either. Are you aware of any? Get in touch.

E-Luminati is a digital marketplace that brings together businesses/buyers and sellers/energy suppliers to facilitate the purchase of your energy. We are 100% neutral. We charge our fee to you, not to your energy supplier, who would pass on the bill to you and not always in a transparent way. We don’t offer advice on specific ‘click’ strategies because we are convinced that for 99% of buyers this is not the best way to create value for their business.

No, E-Luminati does neither of those. Because both are costly and don’t result in lower transaction costs or a better energy rate. And that’s our priority.

No, E-Luminati doesn’t do group purchases. And this for several reasons. We are faster: you can complete your energy purchase in three times five minutes. You don’t have to wait for a decision from others. It is more flexible, since you determine the duration of your contract yourself, whether you choose a variable or fixed rate, digital or paper invoicing… You can count on our neutrality, because you pay a fee to us, not the supplier. You receive more quotes than you would with a group purchase. You are certain to make a saving. In short: you achieve real savings in the fastest way possible.


Take a look on our partner page. It lists all our partners.

When asked to pay your fee, you will be offered the chance to enter your discount code. The value of your discount should be deducted immediately.

Introduce your organisation to E-Luminati (arrange an introductory meeting between E-Luminati and the decision-maker(s) of your organisation). We will start talks and who knows, we may come to an agreement and you may receive a member discount. But we would also reward your initiative with a 50% discount.

Energy suppliers

No problem, E-Luminati works with energy suppliers that are active all over Belgium.

You can find an overview of all the suppliers on our website. This way you can get acquainted with the smaller suppliers as well. Do you have doubts about smaller suppliers’ security of supply? There is no need to. This is the grid operator’s responsibility.


If you install PV panels or wind turbines and you are using the generated electricity for your own consumption, your off-take volume will decrease significantly. In addition, your off-take profile will be less predictable. In that case, a variable rate is most certainly the best option for your additional consumption.

Do you qualify for degressivity of certificates? Inform your energy supplier or discuss with him how best to handle it when signing the contract.

E-Luminati doesn’t advise you on your peak consumption and energy efficiency. Both are important to reduce your consumption and/or your energy bill in a lasting way. So please ask for advice on either subject.

The energy sector is the only sector in Belgium where delivery is guaranteed by the “carrier” (the grid operator) separate from the supplier – as long as you pay the invoices.

No, there is no such risk.  The quality of your energy is managed by the grid operator and the quality of service is guaranteed by your standard conditions. You can also purchase additional services via a separate plan. However be careful of product “tie-ins” . And also shop around for services from non-energy providers. They offer a good quality/innovation and price ratio. Finally, these additional services can be purchased cheaper with a larger group of specialized suppliers.


No, it is entirely up to you whether you accept one of the proposed bids or not.

E-Luminati chose to work with a standard specific conditions because we are convinced that this way we can offer even-handed conditions which forms the basis for a long-term cooperation. You know exactly where you stand and there are no surprises along the way. In addition, comparing quotes becomes child’s play. Your energy supplier can draw up quotes with ease, because each quote is standard and not tailor-made. This lowers transaction costs and risk at both ends, resulting in a more competitive rate for you.

If you don’t receive more than 1 bid, please contact us. We will take a look at your account and find out for you. Because there may be a simple explanation.