Stef Brismoutier

stef brismoutier

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Job: procurement and purchase management, fascinated by the optimisation of processes, consistently more efficient and effective.

Dirk Meire

dirk meire

“Simplicity is not a trait of the novice. It is the hard-earned stamp of the master.”

Job: integrity, quality and trust, innovation and making a difference.

Ludo Deckers

ludo deckers

“Progress is moving one step forward while already being aware of the next step.

Job: legal framework for services, processes and organisation to avoid misunderstandings and adverse consequences.

Inne Peersman

inne peersman

“Today, you’re better than yesterday and worse than tomorrow. So dare to jump, learn and grow. And enjoy.”
Job: Satisfied customers, partners and suppliers; monitoring progress: thinking & doing.

Philippe Delaisse

philippe delaisse

“Do better, cheaper and with fewer resources, a lifestyle choice.”

Task: Development of business partners network.


Offering each entrepreneur and business the fastest way to the best rate for their energy.

missie e-luminati



e-luminati betrouwbaar


e-luminati transparant


e-luminati efficiënt


e-luminati competent


  • E-Luminati is transparent where possible and respects confidentiality and privacy where required.
  • An individual consumer will only see his own details and the bids from different suppliers for their request for quotation.
  • And the individual supplier will only see the request for quotation and the VAT number of the consumer.
  • E-Luminati only uses the results for statistical purposes and keeps them anonymous: numbers, prices, trends.
  • The consumer’s identity (email address) is only used internally for communication with E-Luminati. Besides the email address, the last name, first name, corresponding VAT number, form of address and language of the user are also saved. The email address is not passed on to third parties. See also general terms and conditions.


Samenwerking staat bij E-Luminati centraal.

  • Wij gaan voor 100% neutraliteit en doen alles om een samenwerking tussen u en de energieleverancier van uw keuze mogelijk te maken op de snelste manier met de beste prijs tot resultaat.
  • Om ervoor te zorgen dat we zowel de belangen van u als die van elke energieleverancier behartigen hebben we een adviesgroep opgericht. Deze adviesgroep waakt over de 100% neutraliteit, de missie en de waarden. Is klankbord bij belangrijke beslissingen.
  • In deze adviesgroep zijn zowel de energieleveranciers als u vertegenwoordigd. De energieleveranciers via FEBEG, de federatie van de Belgische elektriciteits – en gasbedrijven. U via de vertegenwoordiging van onze partners.
  • Bovendien ook enkele onafhankelijke leden om nieuwe inzichten te delen, kritisch te kijken naar het doen en laten, beslissingen tegen het licht te houden.