The fastest way to the best offer

The market place of E-Luminati is a digital marketplace that allows professional users to buy their electricity and gas from one of the energy suppliers in just 3 times 5 minutes in order to obtain the best offer.


A tool for the professional consumer, the public sector and all intermediary players.

Are you a self-employed, a small or medium-sized entrepreneur, or a public organization? Your energy bill is several thousand euros or rather several hundred thousand euros? You have never let the competition play? You have one or more connection points? You buy in your own name or on behalf of another company? Well then this platform is the solution to realize the lowest energy price.

The best price thanks to active competition with the sharp decrease in transaction costs!

More than 60% of professional consumers and governments today pay their energy far too expensive, up to 30% too much.

Thanks to the market place of E-Luminati, the customer and energy consumer can maximize their profits thanks to:

  • Active competition between the various energy suppliers.
  • The sharp decrease in transaction costs, i.e. of marketing costs, preparation of customized quotations, visits and telephones from the vendors, …

The specific special conditions of E-Luminati have precedence and must therefore be part of the contractual conditions of the energy suppliers with which you sign an energy contract via the E-Luminati platform. These conditions are balanced and are both in favor of you, purchaser of energy and your energy supplier. This allows you to compare the offers received from the energy supplier in an easy way. The only thing you have to compare are the different prices. A huge gain in time, a very efficient and effective way of working.

A simple system accessible to everyone

Purchasing electricity or natural gas via the digital marketplace of E-Luminati, nothing is easier. Thanks to the specific special conditions of E-Luminati, it is not necessary to compare contracts with each other. Profit in time, profit in money and especially the certainty to realize a lower energy price.
It suffices three times five minutes to get the best offer from the various energy suppliers.

Three steps: from free registration to the choice of energy supplier


Registration (name of organization, invoicing address)


Price request (gas or electricity, EAN, VAT number, energy consumption, contract duration, fixed or indexed price, green or regular electricity, start date contract, mandate, …)


GO! I launch my price request

You then choose the day and hour of your choice, for the energy supplier to offer you the best price. If you only want to compare your current contract price with what the market has to offer via the E-Luminati platform, you can do this too. Launching a competition does not oblige you to conclude a new energy contract.
As soon as you have paid access to the platform, you can launch a price request.

A low admission fee in all transparency

The digital marketplace of E-Luminati is completely independent of the energy suppliers. This means that we do not receive any commissions from the energy suppliers.
The admission fee to use the platform is sufficient to cover the costs of the platform. This fee depends on your energy consumption. You earn this amount back within a few months, even in a few weeks, depending on the profit you can make through the use of the platform. This amount is much lower than the costs you save through the use of the platform. Our calculation tool allows you to calculate the admission price before you launch a price request.

Convenience and security of payments
Various payment methods are possible: Visa, Mastercard or American Express.